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ATIKEM Coffee (Ground) 12 ounce (US)

Organic Coffee To Power Up Your Ambition!

An elegant coffee with a bright lemon acidity, a creamy body and apricot sweetness. 

Perfect morning, noon or night.

The Sidamo comes from the southern portion of Ethiopia know as the "Birthplace Of Coffee". 

Roast Darkness – Medium Light 
Altitude – 1200 – 1800 MASL
Process – Washed & Air Dried  





Drink a cleaner, sustainable and great tasting coffee! Your mind, body and soul will thank you! 

Enjoy increased energy levels and focus day or night. Stay alert with the elegant and sweet flavour of our medium roast coffee. 

Our coffee is organic and fair trade certified meaning every bag or tin purchased helps give back to the local community in Ethiopia and kick start our long term mission to give back. 

ATIKEM is a family owned business on a mission to complete what their grandparents started. Bringing awareness of Ethiopias riches, having a deep and meaningful impact on the local economy, whilst promoting a healthy balanced and focused lifestyle.






Organic Certified

✔️Only clean premium beans selected

✔️Highest standards of sustainability

✔️No chemicals used



ATIKEM Process

✔️Direct partnerships with Fair Trade suppliers to ensure sustainable operations

✔️Grown on high altitude estates in Ethiopia

✔️Roasted domestically in the U.S.A & U.K